HashKey Releases Commemorative NFT for Hong Kong FinTech Week

Developed in partnership with TOKO, a digital asset creation engine created by DLA Piper and BCW


HashKey Group is marking the opening of Hong Kong FinTech Week with the release of a commemorative NFT. This commemorative NFT. This unique souvenir was developed in partnership with TOKO by DLA Piper and BCW Group. Visitors to Hong Kong FinTech Week on 4 & 5 November can collect the HashKey Group NFT at Booth 2, or from 9 November online at HashKey.com/Tokenisation.

TOKO is a digital asset creation engine created by DLA Piper and BCW Group to solve the inefficiencies of today’s capital markets and leverage the best of distributed ledger technology.

“At HashKey Group, we’re keen to increase understanding of digital assets and to educate the markets about the potential of tokenisation,” said Michel Lee, Executive President, HashKey Group. “There is strong demand to know more about tokenisation of other assets, from real estate to receivables. Therefore, it makes sense for HashKey Group to work with TOKO, together with DLA Piper and BCW Group.”

Commenting on the launch Scott Thiel, Partner at DLA Piper said, “Tokenisation is truly creating new financial frontiers and has the potential to disrupt multi-trillion-dollar industries, from supply chain finance to commercial real estate and art and we are excited to partner with HashKey Group and BCW and explore such opportunities.”

Souvenir NFT: @HashKeyGroup #HKFTW21
The HashKey Group NFTs feature interlocking fractal images based on the Fibonacci principle. In geometry, a fractal is a figure where each part has the same statistical character as the whole – similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales. In nature, fractals are seen in snowflakes, sand dunes, pinecones, and even galaxy formations.

A total of 5000 NFTs will be available starting from the first day of the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021. These free NFTs can be claimed by visiting the HashKey Group booth at the Fintech Week and downloading the HashKey ME wallet.

Minted on the Polygon network (also known as Matic), Polygon is an interoperability layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon uses its own Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to help scale the Ethereum network, seeking to address some of Ethereum’s major limitations such as low throughput.

“Fractals are the best representation of HashKey’s brand, as they represent how we can bring order to the complexities of digital assets,” said Walter Jennings, Head of Corporate Communications, HashKey Group.

To learn more about this limited edition NFT developed in partnership with TOKO by DLA Piper and BCW, visit www.hashkey.com/tokenisation

DLA Piper is a global law firm with lawyers located in more than 40 countries. BCW Group is a fintech focused strategy consulting firm. HashKey Group is one of Asia’s leading end-to-end digital asset financial services groups.

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