Director, Market Surveillance and Compliance Projects


  • The candidate will be responsible for developing the infrastructure for a Market Surveillance function. We have purchased the NASDAQ Smarts system – and the candidate will ensure it is properly implemented into the Pro Exchange system. This will include ensuring that the data from the exchange is properly fed into the Smarts system and can process the trading data, which results in accurate alerts.
  • To ensure the Smarts system is set up properly to catch all data flows including tokenization, stable coin trading and new products going through the Pro system.
  • To ensure the Smarts system exceptions and data is properly kept and stored so as to be able to prove to the SFC we have a surveillance system in place.
  • To set the alerts that reflect trading in digital assets taking into account the unique trading characteristics of the virtual assets markets.
  • To ensure that we have set the alerts properly to ensure market manipulation is properly captured, identified and isolated and can be traced to Pro clients and ensure the data for clients is complete so as to support reporting to the SFC if there is market manipulation.
  • To recruit and train a surveillance team and ensure they are trained to identify, follow up and review all exceptions and the false alerts are duly handled and the real alerts are acted upon.
  • To ensure the surveillance policies and procedures are properly documented and reflect the procedures being followed.
  • To review and critique as well as provide expert advice as to a demonstration module for the SFC.
  • To answer questions pertaining to Smarts, Market Surveillance, cross market surveillance, trends, and things to look for as a part of the Market Surveillance function.
  • To train operations, compliance and trading of the issues pertaining to manipulation of the markets so they can identify trends.



  • A highly motivated self-starter keenly interested in the digital asset space – in particular the trading of digital assets on a digital asset exchange. In addition, you will be the point person helping ensure the HashKey Pro Exchange has a properly monitored markets.
  • You will have at least 8 years of work with a solid experience in market surveillance and/or compliance/operations at a major digital asset, stock/digital assets exchange, investment bank or private equity firm and want to be a part of an exciting new cutting-edge industry.
  • You have solid communications and interpersonal skills, work well with senior personnel and run a small team of professionals. You are highly disciplined and want an opportunity to produce cutting edge work.
  • Fluency in English, Cantonese and Mandarin is a plus.
  • Keen interest to work in a fast-paced environment and deal with frontier topics within the FinTech space.
  • You want this opportunity to build on your skills and career as well as innovate and achieve.

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