HashKey’s leadership team brings together the trusted track record of decades of institutional investment experience in regulated markets with an unrelenting passion for fintech innovation.

Dr. Xiao Feng


As Chairman of the Board, Dr. Xiao oversees and leads the Group’s activities and strategic direction.

Michel Lee

Executive President

Michel leads the Group’s activities and has spearheaded the growth of HashKey across Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and other locations

Colin Zhong

CEO of Hash Blockchain Limited, Exchange

Colin brings nearly 25 years’ experience in trading and financial markets. Prior to joining HashKey Group, he was Head of Global Markets

Gerry Ifill

Head of HashKey XPert, Brokerage Business

Gerry has over 15 years of experience in financial services. He recently served as Managing Director at UBS, focusing on institutional sales

Deng Chao

Managing Director of HashKey Capital, Investment Management Business

As one of the earliest investors in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Asia, Deng Chao (DC) has over a decade’s experience in FinTech asset

Leo Li

Head of HashQuark, Staking-as-a-Service Business

Leo has more than 12 years of experience in blockchain technology, FinTech and cloud computing.

TF Cheng

Head of HashKey Singapore

TF brings over two decades of experience in global investment markets. Previously Managing Director and Head of Greater China at BNP Paribas

Andy Dan

Head of HashKey Japan

Andy was previously Product Director at Wanxiang Blockchain. With more than seven years' experience in the blockchain industry...

Anna Liu


Anna joined HashKey Group in 2018. She was a Senior Legal Counsel at Tencent, and prior to that worked at multinational law firm Skadden.

Ben El-Baz

Ecosystems, Exchange

Ben leads HashKey Group’s strategic partnerships, blockchain applications and asset tokenisation projects

Byron Wong


Byron oversees all regulatory compliance functions of HashKey Group and its subsidiaries.

Clara Kwan

Human Resources

Clara joined HashKey Group in 2020 from Value Partners Group, where she was Managing Director of Human Resources.

David Hui

Information Technology

David has more than 20 years of financial/ banking technology experience in the investment banking and technology sectors.

David Leahy


As Chief Operating Officer, David Leahy will be responsible for overseeing the core operations for the Group’s Exchange Business...

Jaline Han

Marketing and Client Strategy

Jaline is responsible for building and developing all facets of HashKey Group’s marketing and client strategy initiatives.

Nejteh Demirian

Client Product Solutions, Exchange & Brokerage

Nejteh has over 10 years of experience in investment management and tech.

Zhang Wu


Wu has nearly three decades' experience in corporate finance and accounting

Senior Advisors to the Board

James H. Boettcher

Senior Advisor to the Board

James is a Founding Partner of Focus Ventures in 1997, and mainly leads Focus’ business development efforts for its US portfolio companies

Aaron Low

Senior Advisor to the Board

Aaron is CEO of investment platform firm LUMIQ, and Principal at Lumen Advisors, a global asset management advisory firm.

WK Chim

Senior Advisor to the Board

WK Chim joins HashKey Group as Senior Advisor to the Board, focusing on providing independent assessment and advice on the risk framework...